Clean and Green Pennsylvania Rules and Regulations
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Clean and Green Procedure

If you are unsure of what the Clean and Green Act is:

Read the Clean and Green Act. The act is available for a fee at the Wayne County Courthouse, Wayne County Tax Services. The processing fee is $10.00. OR For FREE the act is available on the internet at:

If you are unsure if you are eligible contact your lawyer. Wayne County Tax Services cannot advise you as to whether you should apply for Clean and Green.

If you are sure you want to apply for Clean and Green:

Step 1      To obtain an application one can go to the Wayne County Courthouse, Wayne County Tax Services, 925 Court St, Honesdale, PA 18431 Monday - Friday 8:30 - 4:00, or mail a request. The application-processing fee is $50.00 per application if you pick it up at the office. To receive the application by mail the processing fee is $55.00, in advance, per application. Deadline to apply is June 1st.

Step 2      Fill out application completely and have signatures notarized. If you find an error in the Assessment records please notify us so we will correct names before filing application. All owners should print and sign names clearly. This is very important. Sign your name(s) as it appears on the recorded deed. If you fail to print name clearly the Recorder's office can refuse to accept the application. If someone is deceased you must provide a death certificate, because obviously they will not be able to sign. The death certificate is not recorded again. The Recorder's office just needs to see this document when filing. When you are signing as Power of Attorney please notify Recorder's office to make sure signatures are correct. Phone the Register & Recorder's Office at (570) 253-5970 Ext. 4040. They will give you any recording information, and be happy to answer any questions you might have. Recording fees must accompany the application when returned to the Assessment Office. Make checks payable to Wayne County Tax Services. Fee's are as follows:

$18.50 1st 4 pages and 1st 4 names
.50 per name over 4
$2.00 per page over 4

Step 3      The Tax Services Department needs proof of Forest Reserve and Agricultural Use. For Forest Reserve category you should read page two of the application and provide at least one of the things listed. For the AgUse portion of your soils map you must show proof of an agricultural commodity. You may copy your Seclude F from your income tax; or if this is not available and you remove the hay from your property you can provide a letter stating that, and have it notarized. If another person removes the hay, or farms your property you must have them write a letter and have them notarize it. If you fail to provide the Chief Assessor with this information your application will be denied. If you find an error in your soils maps that are provided with the application please notify Wayne County Tax Services.

Step 4      Ineligible Land: If you have more than one dwelling on your property, you must notify Wayne County Tax Services, so an acre of land that the dwelling is on will be removed. Also, any commercial property is ineligible, along with any established quarries on the property. Any questions about this can be directed to the Tax Services Department at (570) 253-5970 Ext 4010 during business hours.

Step 5      Applications will be processed and approved or denied. Applicants will be notified in writing. If the application is denied the Recording fee will be returned.

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